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We are so proud and humbled to have been featured in Bare Bones Boudoir. Our boudoir clients are so important to our story. We feel every person deserves to feel beautiful. Sharing our art via boudoir publications is an amazing recognition. Knowing we're continuing to build confidence & self-love reminds us each day why our job as a boudoir photographer is important and necessary.

Sexy boudoir close-up photo of woman's booty in fishnet thigh-high stockings, black panties; Lexington boudoir session

Welcome to Harpsy Portraiture's Boudoir Session Experience.

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Our Boudoir Photography Session is the perfect opportunity for you to let loose all of your inhibitions and let us capture your most provocative and sensual self. Our seductive posing and sultry styling create the perfect portrait. We have a private studio to help our clients feel safe, secure, and willing to abandon any reservations they might have. Boudoir photography is all about embracing your self-confidence and showing how truly gorgeous you are. Our goal is give you the confidence to express and portray your sexy self. Allow us the chance to give you an experience you won't soon forget with risqué images you'll adore.


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Make sure you join our exclusive Facebook Boudoir Group to hear all about our upcoming boudoir photo sessions, learn tips and tricks to make you boudoir session HOT, and just have fun with sexy banter and risqué conversations. We want to provide a safe haven for anyone interested in a boudoir photoshoot and local ladies hoping to gain confidence and body positivity. Request to join below, we'd love to have you!

Boudoir Photoshoot Themes

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Take a more in-depth look into some of our favorite boudoir session options. During your consultation, we'll discuss what type of boudoir session you're most interested in capturing. A few of our favorite set-ups are featured below. We love encouraging our clients to embrace their sexy side and pose with confidence. We'll make sure your boudoir session photos are SEXY.

From a steamy shower session to an "innocent" angel, you'll feel confident and gorgeous during your boudoir session. Maybe you're looking for something more unique like a garage mechanic boudoir setup; or everybody's favorite is always our boudoir bedroom option in light OR dark. SO many different setups and themes to choose from, you'll definitely find something you'll fall in love with and feel absolutely stunning in.

Steamy shower boudoir session, blue lights, butt pressed to glass shower door; Lexington, SC boudoir photographer

Sultry Shower Boudoir

Boudoir wings sexy lingerie photoshoot; Boudoir photographer South Carolina; Lexington, SC photo; indoor sexy session

Angel Wings Boudoir

Sexy woman in edgy boudoir photoshoot; Lexington, SC boudoir photographer; pink & red lighting boudoir session

Themed Boudoir

Beautiful plus-size brunette woman in black lingerie lying on white bed; bedroom boudoir session; Lexington, SC boudoir

Classic Bedroom Boudoir

We'd love to set up a consultation and see if we're the perfect boudoir photographer for you!

Contact us below for more information and to set up your sexy boudoir session.


Julie R.

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"After my recent session I am very happy with how everything came out! I would highly recommend Harpsy for your next photo session! Professional and high quality results. Very open to suggestions and gives you the results that you want!"

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