Family Photography

Fine Art Family photo, mom, dad, 2 tween daughters, blue backdrop, elegant clothing; Lexington, SC family photographer
Family photo indoor; olive green family photo; studio family photoshoot; family photographer South Carolina; Studio
Newborn photographer; South Carolina photographer; Newborn family photo; baby picture family photo; Lexington, SC photos
Family portrait in Lexington, SC portrait studio; family of 4 photoshoot; blue backdrop; parents, daughter, & son
Generational family photo; family pictures; South Carolina photographer; Lexington, SC photography; family photoshoot
Fine art family photo of parents, two sons, two daughters sitting posed on bench; wood floor & backdrop; family photos
Expectant mother poses with husband, son, daughter wearing blues, whites, and beige during family portrait session.
Generational family picture photographer; Columbia, SC photographer; South Carolina portrait studio; family pictures
Fine-art photo; 2 tween girls in long dresses stand beside chair with great grandmother; Lexington, SC portrait studio
Family photo; mom & dad, 2 sisters, newborn brother; wearing blues; gray backdrop; family photography, Lexington studio
Newborn photography; family pose; mom & dad looking at son; parents heads together, black & white; family photography
Blonde pregnant mother posed with husband, two daughters wearing pink, gold dressed during maternity session.
Mom sitting on white bench with young son & baby daughter; white wood floor; white brick backdrop; family photography
Mom & dad with newborn son; dad holding baby parents gazing down; gray backdrop; Lex., SC studio; family photography
Family of four family photo wearing black & gray outfits smile at camera.
Family portrait with mother, father, older son, teenager daughter, two younger daughters during photoshoot
Urban family photo; mother and father with 2 daughters dressed in black tank tops, jeans; window & brick backdrop
Mother & father pose with young sons dressed in gray, black, denim on wood floor, dark backdrop; family portrait
Newborn photographer; South Carolina photographer; Newborn family photo; baby picture family photo; Lexington, SC photos
Well-dressed distinguished couple wearing suit and glamorous dress pose on bench with dog nearby during family photos.

Family is everything. Family is forever. Each year, your children grow another inch. You blink and your youngest is now taller and your eldest has a little one of their own. Each year deserves to be photographed. Your story deserves illustrations. Make sure you take a moment to have these memories captured.

Different Family Sessions can include:

Immediate Family (Those living in your household.)

Extended Family (Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, In-Laws, etc.)

Family Children Sessions (Cousins, Grandchildren, etc.)

Friends & Couples Sessions

Our studio is the perfect location to capture the wonder that is "family". We capture these sessions throughout the year at a time that is most convenient for everyone involved. With a multitude of poses, family sessions are perfect to capture the love that your family shares for each member present. These sessions are so important for those that want to forever commemorate the bond of family. While I know most of the time our phones are capturing these events, there's something special in gathering all of your loved ones to get "gussied up" for a special portrait session that will allow you to have these moments captured forever.

Our full-service studio offers a multitude of prints and products to choose from for the purpose of adorning your walls and home with the images of your loved ones. This is especially important for family sessions to ensure each loved one receives a portrait of their own to take home and cherish.

We would love to talk with you regarding your family photography session hopes and answer any questions you might have. Please contact us for a free consultation!

Popular Family Photo Session Styles

Elegant Family Photos

Looking to capture your family in a more aristocratic style? Our Elegant Family sessions are perfect for those looking to have a family portrait that could be the next cover of Vanity Fair.

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Classic Family Photos

If you're interested in more of a classic family photo style, this session is for you. Our Classic Family sessions are ideal for families hoping to have a portrait of their loved ones that will stand the test of time.

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Casual Family Photos

Are you hoping to have a portrait of your loved ones with a more laid-back feel? If so, our Casual Family sessions are great for families interested in capturing photos with a more relaxed style.

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