Maternity Photography

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Begin your child's journey with portraits that capture this magical time. This is a time to celebrate you and your child's precious bond. Pregnancy is truly the beginning of your child's story. Make sure you capture each moment.

Maternity sessions feature a multitude of poses to showcase the bond you're building with your newborn. Your portraits will help you recall how special this time was. Our studio offers a relaxed and comfortable setting to capture these images. We suggest scheduling your maternity session between 30 and 34 weeks, depending on how evident your pregnancy is. This allows us to perfectly capture your baby bump.

We are a full-service studio offering high-quality prints and products to adorn your home with your favorite images from your session. We would love to talk with you regarding your maternity photography session hopes and answer any questions you might have. Please contact us for a free consultation!

Exclusive Client Closet

Harpsy Portraiture offers a fully-stocked client closet of gorgeous maternity dresses, bodysuits, and stylish accessories for our clients to choose from. We want our expectant mamas to feel breathtaking during their maternity session. Our goal is for any mother who walks through our studio doors to feel excitement at the prospect of wearing a boutique gown for her maternity photoshoot. This option allows our clients the opportunity to not worry about purchasing a dress or outfit they will most likely only wear once. This guarantees an elegant look without the stress of finding, buying, and storing a gown for a photoshoot. After booking, we'll decide which gowns & style pieces fit your vibe best in order to portray you beautifully.

Fun with Fabric

Unique Style Pieces

Incorporate unique style pieces into your customized maternity session!

Our Client Closet includes a variety of style elements perfect for capturing more artistic and avant-garde poses.

Some options you'll be able to choose from include: Stylish hats, bodysuits, ornate jewelry and statement headpieces.

pregnant woman wearing black bodysuit maternity photoshoot Lexington, SC; pregnant pictures Lexington, SC; professional

What to Expect During Your Maternity Session

Pregnant mother lying down in tulle from fluffy dress; maternity session; maternity photoshoot; Lexington, SC studio photography
  • Your studio maternity session begins with a phone consultation to determine your interests and establish the style you're most interested in photographing. We specifically focus on capturing the beauty and joy a pregnant woman exudes as she awaits the arrival of her baby. Each session takes place in our private & professional photography studio, which provides a controlled environment where we employ professional studio lighting, high-end boutique gowns & apparel, and various backdrops to create stunning and artistic images.
  • We have a carefully-curated Client Closet each of our clients is welcome to use during their session experience. After you've decided to book, we begin creating your custom session experience immediately. A Maternity Session Questionnaire is sent after booking to determine your preferred gowns/attire, the style you're in love with, and your chosen color scheme. This helps us to create your ideal set-up and prepare appropriately for your session.
  • During your session experience, we will guide you through a variety of poses transitioning from outfit to outfit and incorporating loved ones when needed. This helps us to create a large variety in your final image gallery.
  • Maternity Sessions usually take at least 1 hour and can sometimes go up to 3 hours in duration. This depends on how many family members are included as well as a few other factors.
  • Once your session is complete, clients head home. We will then choose your best images and custom enhance your gallery.
  • Between 7 and 21 days after your session, clients will return to the studio for your Reveal & Ordering Appointment. This is when you will view all of your custom-enhanced images as well as a few mocked-up products on a large-screen TV. We will discuss different collections and product options to determine what you're most interested in. During this appointment, clients will be able to apply their product credit from their Session Investment Fee to any purchase.
  • Your products and/or prints are delivered approximately 7 to 21 days after your purchase, depending on the pieces chosen.
Pregnant mom wearing crop top & panties maternity photoshoot Lexington, SC; pregnancy pictures Lexington, SC; professional photography studio maternity session