White wings, white lace lingerie; clouds backdrop, cloud props; boudoir photography session; Lexington, SC studio

I can't think of a bigger confidence builder than getting all dolled up, feeling sexy, and capturing your provocative side with a boudoir photography session. Many times, we, as women, need an extra confidence boost to help us remember we're more than someone's mom, wife, employee, or boss. This stylized boudoir session is the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the wind and book your professional boudoir session.

During the cold winter months, we are often covered in layers of clothes and forget there's a beautiful woman underneath. That's why, we'll be tossing all of those layers on the floor in lieu of lingerie and teddies. We are so excited to announce these limited-edition boudoir sessions! We've invested in some GORGEOUS boutique angel wings in both light and dark; for those who might appear innocent, but are full of sexy surprises. AND, for those who know they walk on the dark side and want to showcase it.

Bring the SEXY

We want you to know that this session is for YOU. While I understand wanting to gift these photos to someone special, loving yourself is far more important. Those who will see these will be the ones receiving the gift, believe me. ;)


This is the perfect opportunity to do something for YOU. Our goal is to show how confident you should be in your body. In this era of social-media madness, it's too easy to compare ourselves to others. A boudoir session reminds you how incredibly hot you really are without filters. This session will be a necessary reminder to love yourself the way you are.

What you can look forward to...

Our Heavenly Body Boudoir Sessions will be available for a limited time at an exclusive price starting at the beginning of 2022. We provide the wings, you provide your sexy self. ;)

We encourage any clients who book to arrive styled with makeup and hair ready to go. Our boudoir sessions do not include makeup and hair styling at this time to ensure our clients are showcasing a look they already love and not showing up to the studio feeling unsure of who will be providing makeup & hair. This helps alleviate stress the day of your session and helps you to feel confident and sure of yourself and your appearance. HOWEVER, if you would like to arrange for us to provide professional hair & makeup artist suggestions, please let us know. ;)

To maintain sanitary practices, we ask clients to bring or wear their chosen lingerie or outfits. This, too, ensures clients feel comfortable and excited about their session experience in garments you feel comfortable in. We do provide suggestions, however, regarding lingerie choices. Shein is an AMAZING resource for sexy attire that will accommodate every body type. Our studio is also equipped with a private changing area if you decide to bring your chosen clothing with you.

Every body is different and beautiful and we want to capture and show exactly how gorgeous you are. No matter what you feel you look like, you're a knock-out because you are YOU. Our job is to create a luxury experience you'll remember forever and images that will last a lifetime. Let's bring showcase your sexy self...