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Spicing Up the Holidays

I am so excited to share this session! I desperately wanted to capture a holiday boudoir photoshoot before the season was over. Creating this was so much fun and I'm so proud to share my favorite images.

Sexy boudoir photoshoot; South Carolina photographer; Lexington, SC boudoir photographer; sexy holiday lingerie pictures

Fun Posing = SEXY

We really wanted to capture all aspects of "sexy". Often, boudoir clients assume there is only a tried-and-true way to capture boudoir sessions. This couldn't be further from the truth. Don't get me wrong, I love the standard bed boudoir session, but what I love more is creating a session catered to what truly reflects a client's sexiness. Plus, I love the challenge I'm presented with when a client wants something "different" for their boudoir photoshoot.

This session was a ton of fun. My business partner (and hubby 馃槈), Jason actually was the genius behind this session. We recently invested in these large ornaments (Hint: stay tuned for next year to see more of those.) and he had the great idea to hold the ornaments in front and really give this cute, but sassy pose. Almost pin-up-esque, I think. Anyway, I LOVE the outcome.

Sexy boudoir session Lexington, SC; boudoir photographer South Carolina; holiday boudoir picture; SC photographer

Luxe Glam Boudoir

How great are boudoir sessions? There's so much versatility. You're able to capture a variety of looks and styles to showcase every side of sexy that you are. This image promotes a more luxe and sophisticated style while still focusing on the boudoir aspect of this session. The little peek-a-boo hints of a woman's figure wearing lingerie and style pieces creates an intimate photo sure to build confidence. In this case, a mink stole and thigh-highs creates a whole sexy vibe.

Holiday boudoir session with white fur, garland, pinecones, covered nude sexy boudoir; South Carolina photographer

Boudoir & Bokeh

I adore every setup and pose we captured during this holiday boudoir session. This pose, specifically, was so creative and unique and I love the added custom-enhancements done during editing. The implied nudity created by strategically placing holiday props is what makes this photo sexy and intimate.

Woman in Santa outfit poses on bench during holiday boudoir photoshoot; indoor lingerie sexy pictures; South Carolina
Woman lying naked on white fur rug with holiday ornaments and pinecones covering breasts; SC boudoir photographer
Luxe boudoir photoshoot with mink stole, fireplace, Christmas tree; Lexington, SC boudoir photographer; SC photographer

2023 Boudoir Photography

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