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"I've never had photos taken of this nature..."

This is something I often hear during boudoir session consultations. Clients want to see themselves as sexy and confident, however the actual process can be a bit of a mystery. This can cause some clients anxiety and even prevent them from booking. Which, really is unfortunate. A boudoir session is truly the most empowering experience a person can have to build confidence and actually see how sexy and gorgeous they really are.

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"I don't think I'll feel comfortable posing provocatively in front of another person."

The images you see are full of sexual innuendo, sultry posing, and sensual expressions. However, what these images don't show is the uproarious laughter we shared right before the image is captured. Behind the scenes is what you don't see. The arching your back in a way only a contortionist should do; the sensual pout you rarely use in real life; constantly fiddling with your hair and flinging it to and fro in a way no person does outside of a boudoir session or rock concert. This is why boudoir sessions aren't awkward. Yes, we're capturing you in little to no clothing and I might be practically a stranger, but that's not what defines your boudoir photoshoot. Your session is all about building your confidence. We play music, share outfit suggestions, try out different poses, and everything else you don't see in your final results. My goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere perfect for clients to relax their reservations and showcase their innate sexuality. While it might appear as if this would be an awkward and uncomfortable experience, by the end of your session you won't feel that way. By the end of your session you'll be giddy with the feeling you literally just took the most sexually alluring images of your life and your confidence will be through the roof.

"I see these photos and there's no way I'll look like that..."

You are 100% correct. You won't look like that person. In fact, I don't want you to look like that. Every body is different. Why would I want you to look like another person...? Your boudoir session is for YOU. I want you to walk away feeling beautiful and sexy. If you walk into your appointment wanting to replicate somebody else's boudoir gallery, you're going to leave unhappy. Without a doubt. A pose that works for one person, might not work for you. BUT, a pose that works for you, might not work for that other person. Boudoir photoshoots are completely about finding how you should pose, what you look best in, which setup you will love. While we might use a similar setup from past sessions or inspiration images, that's where the comparison ends. Your session is unique because it involves you.

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"I don't even know what type of boudoir session I'd want."

While the term "boudoir" has become the all-encompassing terminology describing a sexy photoshoot, it technically means "bedroom". However, I refuse to let that dictate what types of sessions I offer. What does this mean for you, the client? Well, it means I'm open-minded as hell and willing to let my creativity and your session hopes go wild. You're interested in creative lighting and bold colors? Let's create that. You're thinking you'd like to delve into some sexy outside-the-boudoir-box poses? Um...yes, please. Don't let another person's images bully you into doing the same. I am all for creating something unique and creative to capture your boudoir photos. When you decide to bite the boudoir bullet and reach out about your boudoir session, we'll discuss your interests and determine what fits YOU best.

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"Ok, you convinced me! I'd love to book a boudoir session."

Literally, music to my ears. Any time a client is interested and reaches out to book a session, I become immersed in their session preparation. New ideas, poses, lighting, setups, and everything I can create to make this the most enjoyable experience you'll ever have during a photoshoot. My clients are not a job to be done with. My clients are my job. Creating an experience you'll never forget and delivering a gallery you'll absolutely love is my ultimate goal. Once you reach out, I'll give you a brief call to discuss your session interests and tell you a bit about boudoir sessions and our studio. I believe this really helps clients feel heard and begin to feel comfortable and excited for their upcoming session. Fun fact, though, if you never reach out, you'll never know how great this experience could be. It doesn't hurt to find out more. ;)