Things to Consider Before Your Boudoir Session

Clothing is such an important component to consider when planning your boudoir photography session. Planning in advance, however, tends to take this potentially stressful preparation out of the mix. I like to tell people to consider what look you're going for.

  • If your session is a themed session (mechanic, pin-up, etc.), plan your outfit accordingly. Your hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and clothing will reflect the whole ensemble and either convey what you're trying to achieve, or leave you asking yourself, "Why doesn't this look like I envisioned?" Check out some photos online of goal images. What models are wearing, etc. If you're unsure, CONTACT your photographer! They will definitely be able to guide you in what to wear and what will showcase your goal look.
  • If your session is a traditionally sexy boudoir photoshoot, lingerie is always a winner. Black and red are my go-to colors. However, white can give you a deceptively innocent look, too. Lace is always a sexy component. I love adding in those little extras that will amplify your session, too. Chokers, pearls, candy...these are all great additions.
  • I am always a fan of fun, sexy, and different. If you want to do a themed session, let's get crazy and plan for something unique!

Making sure your makeup and hair are perfect is another key component in creating a gorgeous image.

  • Make sure all nail polish is either fully applied, or completely taken off. This small detail can seriously irritate you for years to come. ;)
  • In regards to hair, again, what look are you wanting to convey? Pin-Up has a very specific look. Your hairstyle should be cohesive with your outfit. When planning your hair for a sexy shoot, long and luscious, short and glam, whatever style you're rocking, you do you. I want your hair to be in a style you feel most sexy in.
  • Try to keep flyaways under control.
  • If your hair coloring isn't up-to-date, this is definitely noticeable.
  • When applying makeup, go bold. Pin-Up has a unique style and this should be cohesive witht he clothing you've chosen. Sexy and bold is perfect for any boudoir session. Glitter or shimmer can be nice to add, but without a heavy hand. This should not overtake your look.
  • *If you are experiencing a small bruise, pimple, blemish, etc., NO worries! I can take care of these during editing. Minimal flaws are simple fixes and we pride ourselves in showing you at your best. I want you to feel confident and will do everything in my power to enhance your natural beauty without adjusting any permanent personal traits.

Please remember, taking care of these small details will vastly enhance the beauty of your images! If you are not confident in your hair and/or makeup abilities, this is why I have the option to add on Hair & Makeup. This helps you take out the guesswork and simply enjoy being pampered before your session. Always inquire with your photographer if hair and makeup is included or if you should plan that yourself.

GLASSES - Sometimes, glasses tend to create a reflection from our studio lighting. If this is problematic, I will capture some shots of you with and without glasses. Then, I will edit them correctly to ensure your photo is without any distracting reflections.

If you're still confused as to what you should wear for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot, check out our gallery of boudoir sessions and find some inspiration there. With the option to wear lingerie, pin-up, or some other themed outfit, your options are limitless. I usually advise clients to check out websites that predominatingly sell women's clothing, specifically lingerie and swimsuits. There are some websites that have very sexy, but affordable lingerie and outfits. I tend to recommend Shein, Victoria's Secret, and even Amazon has some great options. Just make sure to let your photographer know what you'll be wearing. This helps us to better visualize the entire photoshoot and plan accordingly.

No matter what, you're going to look amazing and HOT. A great photographer will make sure of that. Show up in a flour sack and we'll make it work. ;)