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Prep Guide

Family holiday photoshoot Lexington, SC; mom, dad, son pose for holiday photo with Christmas background; Lexington, SC holiday mini session; studio photographer
Christmas photography session; Baby sitting on vintage bed during holiday photoshoot; Lexington, SC photographer; holiday mini session family Lexington, SC
Sisters smiling in gold dresses during holiday photoshoot; snow, twinkling lights holiday mini session; Lexington, SC holiday photoshoot; local holiday mini sessions

In order to create the holiday vision you've been dreaming of, we've created a comprehensive list of considerations to take during the planning phase. It's not always easy to put together cohesive outfits and appropriately plan for your holiday photoshoot. Thankfully, I've done all of the "leg work" and considered everything you need to consider in order to be completely prepared for your upcoming session. You're welcome. 😉

Prep Guide


  • Coordinate clothing choices to create a cohesive look. You don't necessarily need matching outfits, but colors and styles should complement each other.
  • Consider the holiday theme when choosing colors and patterns. Traditional holiday colors like red, green, and gold work well.
  • Choose outfits with different textures and layers to show depth.
  • Plan the entirety of each outfit. Don't forget shoes, accessories, etc. While the actual outfit is extremely important, ensuring you're completely coordinated is what pulls everything together.
  • Actively AVOID clothing with busy patterns or logos. These are distracting elements that will take away from your image.


  • Make sure all nail polish is either fully applied, or completely taken off. This small detail can seriously irritate you for years to come. ;)
  • Try to keep flyaways under control with gel or hairspray.
  • Make sure hair coloring is up-to-date, this is definitely noticeable.
  • If you or a family member has a small bruise, pimple, blemish, etc., NO worries! I can take care of these during editing. I want you to feel confident and will do everything in my power to enhance your and your family's natural beauty without adjusting any permanent personal traits.


  • Please make sure you allow you and your children/family members enough time to eat prior to your session. Making sure you and your loved ones are fed can drastically improve your photo session. NOBODY wants to be fighting hunger!


  • Give yourself and your family enough time.
  • Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your session time slot. This will ensure you receive the entire 15 minutes for your session experience.
  • Try to avoid rushing around right before your portrait session.
  • If you feel rushed and stressed out, this will definitely be reflected during your session.
  • Planning ahead as much as possible will help your session day go smoothly.
  • Ensure that any payment arrangements and contracts are settled before our session to avoid any last-minute stress.


  • How exciting is it to capture your children for memorable holiday photos?! I want to photograph your child at their best. Pressuring them too much to "smile and say 'cheese'" can actually be counteractive when trying to elicit real smiles and happiness.
  • It's ok to prompt your child to smile, however, pressuring them makes them just as stressed as you and might make your session an unhappy experience.
  • We want your kids happy. Feed them, love on them, and tell them what a fun experience they're going to do today! This gives your child a sense of excitement. If they see your excitement, they, too, will be ready and happy to take pictures.
  • During family poses, I always ask the parents/adults to focus on their own facial expressions and I will work on the kiddos. If you, as the adult, will focus on you, I'll be able to make sure your kids are doing what they need to do.
  • Remember, we'll photograph posed & candid poses. Your child having fun is the perfect embodiment of what the holidays are about.


  • If your child is upset or uncooperative, we can try snacks, songs, games, etc. However, some kids can become overwhelmed, especially meeting Santa. If this happens, we will focus on candid moments instead of posed.
  • If your child is unhappy, we will do everything in our power to provide you with beautiful images. Keep in mind, "perfect" isn't a realistic expectation.
  • Sometimes children prefer more natural expressions and reactions. This is to be expected and still results in amazing images that are even more reflective of their personalities.


  • Holiday sessions can be exciting for everyone, especially children. Ensuring they are safe throughout the duration of your session is my top priority.
  • Kids are not allowed to roam around the studio.
  • Please ensure children stay with parents/adults at all times unless I am actively taking their picture.
  • Lighting, props, and other studio elements can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please ensure your child knows not to touch anything outside of the holiday set they are being photographed on.
  • While we schedule clients back-to-back for holiday sessions, we strive to create a personalized experience for all. If, for some reason, there are other clients at our studio before your session time, please wait to enter the studio until your designated session time. Arriving early ensures we're able to begin promptly at your scheduled time.
  • No outside photography is allowed.


  • Be excited! Holiday sessions are fun! We're capturing memories of your loved ones that you'll cherish forever.
  • Be in the moment.
  • I want you to be able to look back on these images with fond memories.

Holiday mini session with vintage loft; Lexington, SC holiday photoshoot; sisters reading together with holiday toys, Christmas tree, props; Lexington, SC family holiday session

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