Milestone Photography

Sitter photography session; sitter baby boy in blue sits on wood bed with brown backdrop; Lexington, SC portrait studio
Fine art photo of brother and sister wearing pale blue, white, beige sitting on steps; floral drop during family session
Two sisters wearing denim overalls and white tank tops pose on gray backdrop during studio family session.
Black & white photo of sitter girl sitting on white fur rug with flower headband during photoshoot.
Two sisters wearing frilly dressed sit posed on floral backdrop during family photography session.
Sitter photography session; fishing theme photoshoot, sitter boy stands on dock with pond & fishing pole; Lexington, SC
Fine art photo of siblings; two brothers, two sisters posed sitting on wood floor during family session.
Splash photo session; one year old girl in tub with rubber ducky, Lexington, SC portrait studio
Baby girl posed on back with flower outfit, matching headband, holding tiny parasol; laying on wood floor; family photo.
Fine art photo of young girl in tan flowing dress with hair whipping; wooden floor; dappled backdrop; family photography
Fine art photo of brother and sister embracing wearing white and blue during family portrait session.
Young boy in white button-up & dark pants poses on steps; wooden floor & tan backdrop; family session.
Young blonde girl in corduroy overall dress sitting on steps; wooden floor & tan drop; family photography
Young boy with long dark hair wearing button-up and jeans sitting on steps; wooden floor and tan drop; family portraits.
Smiling sitter girl posed in round bowl wearing vintage green & flower outfit on floral backdrop; sitter, child session.
Smiling boy leans to side on green fur rug wearing green outfit in front of dark backdrop during child photo session
Black & white photo of older sister laying on side leaning over baby sister; fur rug; wooden floor; family portraits.
Young girl looks over shoulder in front of light and white curtains wearing gray dress with black belt; family portraits
Photo of siblings; brother & two sisters; gazing up at camera poised overhead; cream backdrop; family portraits.
White backdrop with baby boy sitting & reaching for brown teddy bear during cake smash session.
Young girl with flowing dress kicks heel up in front of windows & brick drop with stone floor during photoshoot.
Two young brothers pose on steps wearing gray tops & denim pants on wood floor with dark backdrop during family photos
Baby boy smiles at camera wearing white outfit sitting in gray crate on fur rug during sitter photography session.
Black & white photo of young sisters wearing lace tops with tulle underneath gazing at camera during child photo session
Baby boy with bowtie and newsie cap sits in bowl in front of tan backdrop during milestone portrait session.
Young girl with dark, curly hair wearing cream & lace gown lying on side on fur rug and white floor during family photos
Overhead photo of young girl in lace white dress sitting with hands clasped on white backdrop during photoshoot.
Two young sisters wearing blue & green dresses sitting and standing during family portrait session.
Young girl with short dark hair wearing black dress sitting on brown chair posed on green backdrop during family photos.
Laughing baby boy posed on white backdrop during cake smash photography session.
Young blonde boy with knee drawn up rests hands on knee and cheek on hands gazing at camera during family portraits.
Fine art photo of red-haired young boy in blue shirt from shoulders up during family portrait shoot.
Young boy wearing suspenders and white shirt with beige pants looks up at camera overhead sitting on cream backdrop

Which milestone are you celebrating?

Milestone Sessions are offered throughout the year and include a variety of options depending on which milestone you're celebrating. Below you'll find a few of our most popular milestone session options.

Click on the photo links below to find out more!

Sitter/Cake Smash

Make sure to capture each and every moment your little one experiences that first year of life.


Throughout the year you can capture your child's growth and milestones with a fine-art photography session.


Celebrate your tween or teen's unique style and capture this important moment you'll want to remember forever.


Senior year is an accomplishment worth remembering. This milestone deserves to be commemorated.

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