Cake Smash

Prep Guide

Cake Smash Session, baby boy, mountains & balloons, birthday photoshoot; Lexington, SC cake smash photographer

It's finally here! Your little baby is turning the big ONE. While we're never ready for it, it's quickly approaching and we want to make sure this moment is forever remembered with a fun & unique cake smash session. Now that you've decided to book, let's make sure you're ready to go for the big day.

First things first, all of the big decisions are out of the way: theme, style, colors, cake, outfit/s, etc. We've taken care of all of the big ones and now need to focus on the finer details. To begin with, we want to make sure your child is as prepared as possible for their session. If your child is a bit more reticent when meeting new people, we'll plan to have you arrive 15 minutes early to the studio. This will help your child acclimate to their new environment and meet me and begin to feel comfortable. If your child is fine meeting others, you're welcome to arrive on time and we will begin immediately.

Cake Smash sessions begin with birthday portraits without their cake or alternative food. We will have decided on an outfit that fits your chosen theme to coordinate properly with the provided set-up. This allows us to capture classic photos you'll love & cherish before introducing the cake. This portion of your session is when you dress your child in something cute & cohesive you don't want to get messy.

Cake Smash session; baby boy birthday photoshoot; Lexington, SC Cake Smash photography; mountains, balloons, gray, white
Boy Cake Smash, themed birthday session; Lexington, SC cake smash photographer; South Carolina portrait studio

After these "traditional" images have been captured, we'll change baby into their cake-smashing outfit. As I'm sure you're aware, kiddos can be messy eaters. This is perfect for Cake Smash sessions! We want your little one to dive right in and enjoy their smash session goodies. This can also mean that delicate outfits either from my Client Closet or provided by the parents aren't to be worn if there's a chance the outfit might be ruined. Luckily, there are a plethora of clothing choices absolutely perfect for Cake Smash sessions. This will have already been decided beforehand, however I like to give a reminder so clients are aware these sessions can become quite messy.

Sometimes, little ones aren't big fans of cake. This is why I always suggest that clients have their child try cake of some sort (preferably the same flavor as their smash cake) before their session. This can help your little become more comfortable with a potentially new food and not be frightened or even disgusted by their cake. Some kids, however, just won't be fans of their cake. Whether this is because they actually don't like the cake, the new environment prevents them from calming down, or another reason we'll never understand but will remember forever. No matter if your child loves or loathes their cake, each moment is special. If they don't love their sweet treat, we'll still capture a few images with their cake (even if they're crying) and then move on to the last portion of a smash session. This is where you get to choose which best fits for you...

We're nearing the end of your Cake Smash session! After you booked, we decided on whether or not you prefer a "Splash" portion of your cake smash session or if you'd like to add an additional outfit. Most clients chose the "Splash" part because kiddos usually LOVE this part of the session. However, if you'd prefer capturing another cute outfit, that's fine, too!

Once your session is over, we get your little one cleaned up and dressed and everyone heads home. It then takes me about 7 to 14 days to custom enhance your images. Once your gallery is ready I will email you everything you need to access your private, password-protected gallery and you'll begin the process of enjoying the fruits of our labor. 😊

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