Fine Art Children's Sessions

Fine art children's photography; Lexington, SC studio photographer; young girl back to school with old books fine art photoshoot
Young sisters posing in portrait studio for back to school photos with old books indoor session; Lexington, SC photographer; Fine Art children's picture
Young girl smiles holding old books in fine art photo; Lexington, SC photography studio fine art children's session; South Carolina photographer

We offer Fine Art child sessions throughout the year for all ages. Speciality sessions are great for capturing each year as it passes, as well as to create something unique for your child or loved one. Kids and teens love to get in front of the camera to capture images of themselves looking dapper or dolled-up. This can help build confidence and individuality. Our exclusive client closet featuring high-quality dresses and style guidance helps create high-end, luxury art you'll cherish for a lifetime.

We feel all ages deserve to have a special session to capture the phase of life your child is in. This includes that spunky elementary age, to snarky tweens, to angsty teens. Each milestone deserves to be captured. Plus, these sessions are so much fun and allow your not-so-little to get glammed up & dapper for their very own photoshoot. We try to make sure to engage your child by including them in the ideas and styling.

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