Newborn Photography

When choosing your newborn photographer, there are quite a few factors that should be considered. Below, I've chosen my top 3 considerations to keep in mind when choosing the person that will capture the first professional images of your newborn.

  1. SAFETY - Safety, safety, safety! This is so important when choosing your newborn photographer. When photographers choose to delve into the realm of newborn photography, it comes with a plethora of safety training, tutorials, and educational courses learning how best to pose and handle your baby. While it might look simple to curl sleeping babies into an aesthetically pleasing pose and snap away, it's definitely NOT. What you don't see is all of the soothing and maneuvering, delicate placement of feet and hands, calming, cajoling, shushing, adjusting, juggling camera and lights, and doing this all while maintaining that adorable pose that will create gorgeous portraits.
  2. STYLE - This is another really important factor when deciding which photographer to choose. Picture this: You're shopping for a new dress for your sister's wedding. You LOVE one, but the other is easier to get and cheaper. If you get the second, and don't love the style, odds are, you will feel super uncomfortable during your sister's wedding and your family won't let you live it down. So, many mistakes were made based on going with the wrong style. If you check out the portfolios of various photographers and you're really interested in one specific person's style, call them. Find out more. Chances are, you and that photographer would really mesh well and that makes your newborn images THAT much more important. You've now bonded and will most likely feel more comfortable if you decide on future sessions. Plus, you won't have to worry about much of anything regarding your session. If you love their style, let them take the lead. Their portfolio usually feature their favorites, which means they styled and shot everything. You need to trust the person that will be photographing your newborn. Loving their style gives you the freedom to not stress over session particulars.
  3. MONEY - Listen, I completely understand that budget is important. However, if you go with the "less expensive" option because you're trying to save a buck, you most likely won't love your newborn photos. (Plus, price shopping could also end up not being the safe option, either. See bullet point 1 for reference.) I have had so many potential clients that "loved my style", but went with the cheaper option. AND...ended up contacting me again with the hopes that I can somehow salvage their botched newborn session. Quick tip, a newborn is only in those "suggested newborn session days" for a brief amount of time. Between 5 and 10 days, with 14 days usually being the max. So, by the time that client gets back to me, their baby is now over a month and a half old and might have missed out on those poses that the client was dreaming of. While budget is always important, don't miss out on an important time in your baby's, and your, life to pinch a penny. You only get one shot at this! Most photographers, including Harpsy Portraiture, offer payment plans.