What should a newborn session cost and why.

You're expecting a newborn baby very soon. If you're anything like me, you want to be as prepared as possible. (And, even if you're not, it never hurts to have this information in your back pocket!) You've done your research and decided on a style you're most drawn to. You've contacted your preferred photographer and discussed what you're hoping to accomplish with your newborn photos. The next point of discussion will be, of course, price. Bum, bum, bum...

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, I want to ask you some questions and I want you to reflect on your answers...honestly. When you go out to dinner for a special occasion and more or less splurge on something decadent and, most likely, expensive. How do you justify this to yourself? "It's our anniversary! Of course we have to do it up big!!!" OR, "Let's celebrate us girls tonight and treat ourselves!" Be honest, these comments have most likely been used before...multiple times, if my guess is correct. What about a quick coffee in the morning? A pick-me-up to get the day started? How much, total, would that cost each month if you treat yourself 3 days of the week? What about a new TV? Or, phone? Even a vacation can be quite costly. But, what will you gain from that vacation? Lasting memories.

What I'm getting at (which, I'm sure you surmised all on your own, LOL), is that we spend money on things without truly thinking of the import behind those decisions. However, I have so often been told that photography is too expensive and that a person shouldn't have to spend "an arm and a leg" to "get a decent picture". First, I can guarantee you I don't work for severed body parts. They do me no good. Is the plumber that fixes your toilet too expensive? What about the stylist that cuts and colors your hair? Why is it that photography is considered too expensive when we, too, price ourselves according to our cost of doing business?

Having said all of that, I'll move into the aforementioned nitty gritty of this post. Newborn photography. The cost of a newborn photography session and why.

This can become a very in-depth and argued explanation. So, to avoid the practices of others, I'm going to focus solely on why I'm priced the way I am. As a professional portrait studio, we aim to provide our clients with a high-end service. This means, we want to connect with our clients beforehand to guarantee a successful photo session. Our goal is to create high-quality portraits for you to hang on your walls, tabletops, and more. While we include digital images in all of our packages, we also price ourselves to include tangible products, as well. We want our clients to have actual portraits that they walk away with.

Specifically speaking about a newborn photoshoot, there is so much that goes into these sessions that most people will never be able to fathom. A successful studio newborn session requires, wraps, backdrops, props, and outfits. Not to mention, a warm and comfortable atmosphere for baby. Also, a professional newborn photographer goes through a ridiculous amount of training in order to properly pose newborns for photos. Those courses and classes are NOT cheap. Understandably so. These items are quite costly if you're wanting to create adorable and timeless photos of your precious newborn. Honestly, I don't want them to be cheap. I want to know that I'm investing in my craft and provided a high-end experience for all of my clients.

Speaking of investing, I'm going to tell you how important that word is when discussing photography. Pictures of your loved ones are not a vacation. They're not that extra bit of coffee each morning. Nor, are they a special night out on the town. No, to me, they're more important. Photos briefly stop time and allow you to capture a moment forever. For me, that's worth more than the fifty dollars most people assume a photoshoot will cost. I'm sorry, that's not me. Good for those that can effectively manage their time and business for that paltry sum. However, Harpsy Portraiture is definitely a luxury experience. We pride ourselves in creating a timeless product. And, to be blunt, that will cost you. But, think about it, will you not look back upon those photos, that experience even, fondly? Will you not have those pictures to last a lifetime...or more? To me, that more than justifies the cost. So. when you're planning you newborn photography session, instead of immediately balking at the price tag, take a longer look. A more in-depth view into what is entailed and what you're gaining. A newborn is a gift, treasure them.

If you're interested in a quality newborn photography session and want to gain gorgeous pictures of your sweet newborn that will last a lifetime, we'd love to speak with you.