What is a "Model Call" session?

Often, photographers will release special edition "Model Call" sessions for specifically themed sessions. These model calls can be for various reasons; but predominantly they are designed to test out or style a photograph in a particular way that they might not have had the opportunity to do thus far or with regular clients. These model sessions could be to try out new outfits or props that the photographer wants to feature in their photography business. Model calls allow the photographer to capture what they need without the pressure of a client's preferences. Clients often have color choices and themes already in mind prior to their session. Model calls give the photographer creative freedom.

Model calls are mutually beneficial, as well. In most cases, the chosen subjects will receive incentives for their participation. A free session, digital images, and/or product credits are just a few of the incentives the photographer could include in their model call.

One of the main purposes of a model call will be to utilize captured images for marketing. These portraits are styled specifically with this in mind. Any prospective clients will most likely need to sign a model release in order for the photographer to use these images successfully. Which, is a small price to pay for a portrait session, if you ask me.