There is a lot going on right now in the world. The Coronavirus that has swept the globe is scary. I know it's caused a lot of anxiety and fear in my home and those of my friends, family, and loved ones, as well as the rest of the world. I know we're all full of uncertainty. Nothing is the same. Everything has changed...forever, I suppose.

As most of you are doing, we are trying to maintain as much of a "normal" as we can. Although, I guess our prior "normal" is no more...? As a small business owner, I'm focusing more on behind-the-scenes work than anything else. Sessions are being pushed back in the hopes that we can all social distance effectively. This doesn't mean that we're not going to be catching up on these sessions, though. All sessions, other than newborn, are being rescheduled for a later date. While I truly believe photographs ARE essential, I also believe in living and behaving responsibly for all of those that are compromised and susceptible. With that in mind, we are doing everything in our power to establish realistic expectations. Thankfully, our clients are the absolute best and understand our stance and fully support us. I can't begin to thank them enough.

While most of our sessions can be postponed, our newborn sessions and smallest clients are the most time-sensitive. Newborn sessions are usually captured within their first 2 weeks after being born. However, because of current events, we are not willing to risk our most important clients. We are attempting to give our clients pointers and tips to help them capture their newborns first portraits within those first 2 weeks at home until we can schedule a professional session once everything has become safer. Also, we are going to be implementing a post-Covid session experience for any and all parents that were unable to have newborn photos taken due to the virus. This will be a free mini-session for all newborns born after March 14, 2020 up until things have been cleared for businesses to reopen. More details will be forthcoming as we continue to restructure our small, local business acumen during this pandemic.

I believe this virus will forever change our world. I'm only hoping it will change for the good. I want to believe this. I see strangers helping each other, kindness that had thus far been nonexistent becoming more and more noticeable. I know things look bleak. Harsh. Unending. Nothing is unending, though. Eventually, this will be a thing of the past. I can only hope that the other side is brighter and full of more hope. That we realize these things that seemed important were only an apparition of happiness. That we realize the things that make us happy are in the faces of the ones we love. The friendships that we didn't realize were important are now an every day conversation. The time spent engaging in meaningless chatter is now spent bonding, growing, loving. Full of promise. That our tomorrow will not be silenced by our today. That our future will only be stronger. I pray for these things. I look above for direction and keep my eyes on His promise.