Staying busy...

Along with the majority of America, our studio was closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While it's unfortunate to hear that your lifelong passion isn't considered "essential", I understand the ideology behind it and I understand that things sometimes have to be done whether we want them to or not.

Alas, with no sessions booked, I would be remiss if I sat around and became aimless. (Although, don't get me wrong, I've definitely had days of pure laziness.) During this "downtime", I've tasked myself with developing new techniques and crafts. One of my favorite new outlets has become making cute, little outfits for my newborn clients. I absolutely LOVE designing and creating the perfect aesthetic for each and every baby that I photograph. This includes picking out the perfect outfit for your little one to wear during their session.

I have, thus far, become quite adept at sewing these adorable baby clothes, if I do say so myself. While I've never been an amazing seamstress, I do believe I have been fairly successful creating quite a few new props for my newborn clients to wear. Which, is beyond exciting. (Can you tell I've been quarantined for too long...?)

Whiling away the time has actually been quite productive for my small business. If I'm unable to schedule and book sessions, I've thoroughly enjoyed planning and preparing for the day when I'm able to capture those sweet babies again.