Digital Images VS Prints & Products...

The Ultimate Battle

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Things Photographers

Hear Often:

"I only need digital images."

"I can print on my own."

"I know someone who's cheaper

and includes all of the digital images."

"I don't need anything


a few fun facts

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Did you know?

* 76% of families surveyed agree printed photos help them to connect in ways they wouldn’t normally with digital photos.

* 88% of families agree they feel closer to their loved ones when they look at photos of

their family.

* 77% feel a stronger connection to their child(ren) when looking at family photos.

* 2.5x more people agree that looking at printed photos is a shared experience vs. looking at digital photos.

* 91% agree their child loves looking at photos of themself

* A majority of parents reported that looking at & talking about printed photos is an activity that their children enjoy, and which has immediate emotional impact and long-term psychological benefits.




How Seeing Printed Photos Changes Our Perception & Impacts Our Emotional Well-Being

Helping Children

Numerous studies have shown the benefits seeing family photos does for our mental health. When children see photos of themselves decorating their home it helps them to develop a healthy level of self-esteem. It creates a sense of importance seeing their faces displayed on the walls and tabletops of the house they live in. Seeing themselves in photographic memories of happy moments helps children to feel safe, important, and loved. This builds a foundation of self-confidence starting as early as when they begin to recognize their face in images, helping them through the difficult teenage years when self-worth seems bleak, and even into adulthood when visiting their parents and loved ones reminds them of how having come from a loving and stable home they've built a foundation of their very own.

Establishing Stability & Reassurance

When a child walks through their home and sees constant reminders of their happy family unit and recalling fond memories, they're reassured of their place and how important their voice is. They realize that their place in their family can't be replaced and is special and unique just like they are. When parents and caregivers showcase how vital a role their child plays in their home, children develop a healthy respect for themselves. Even allowing them to help decide where and what to display, this helps establish

Dr. Jaclyn Gulotta, Ph.D., a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Dr. Jaclyn, The Counseling Professional, LLC private practice, believes when children are involved in decisions like, “Which photos do you want up in our home? Do you like the way these photos look here, or should we move them to another spot?”, they're shown they can share their feelings and their thoughts and feelings are welcome, they learn that their opinions matter and that the family is “in this together.”

Our Elder Family Members

In very much the same way it helps children establish a sense of self, seeing family photos displayed helps the senior members of our family feel a connection to their loved ones. It's been proven seniors who have developed Alzheimer's or Dementia can have a spark of memory and positive recollection when seeing photos of their loved ones.

Wall Art, Gift Prints,

& Custom Albums

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As soon as you walk into our studio you'll notice we have quite a few gorgeous displays of all of our favorite products filling every available space. Beautiful gallery-wrapped canvases, high-end acrylic wall art, vibrant metals, handcrafted wood pieces, and framed portraits decorating the walls. And, that's just the wall art. Our custom album examples are sitting right in the sitting area for clients to page through along with more handcrafted wood pieces; like our unique tri-fold blocks and bespoke display photo box full of personalized details and clients' favorite images printed on wood blocks.

In a day and age where so many things are becoming digital only, we endeavor to provide our clients with tangible products they'll be able to walk away from their session with.

WHY is this so important?

Let me ask you, do you currently have any personal photos or portraits hanging and/or displayed in your home? If so, what do you feel when you see these snippets of time portrayed in an image? Are you heralded back to a certain moment where you can remember having that photo captured?

My home has quite a few photos and portraits displayed throughout. I'm sure you're thinking,

"Obviously, you do."

Haha, you're correct, it's a bit on-the-nose. However, the whole reason I love photography so much is because of the emotions it evokes in the viewer. When I look at a portrait of my daughters from when they were little or even recent pictures, it inevitably brings a smile to my face.

Knowing my home is surrounded with images of my most cherished beings is a feeling I can't match elsewhere.

What's the Verdict?

Well, honestly, I can't decide that for you. However, the verdict I've come to is, while I love digital images, they aren't doing anything for me. Nothing. VERY rarely do I ever sit down at the computer and browse through old digital images of my loved one.

What I do often end up doing, however, is looking through old printed photos, standing in front of a framed portrait of my daughters in the hall & reminiscing, and gifting loved ones tangible portrait prints & products so they, too, can experience the joy and sentimentality of gazing at a picture of a favorite memory.

The consensus for me is: printed picture over digital image, any day.

Ready to get your memories on the wall?