Go big AND go home!

Is this digital age, photography is quite commonplace. Whether you're snapping a photo of your meal, your child, or your cat, technology has made taking pictures simple. However, unless you want a photo of your avocado on toast printed and hung in your foyer, I'm hoping the photos on your walls are a tad bit more important...

Which, brings me to my point. Why is it important to have your portraits printed and displayed? Well, let's dive into this, shall we? When someone walks into your home, you are presenting yourself based on your house's decorations and adornments. Meaning, if you have a big bass fish hanging above your fireplace and no photos of your children anywhere to be seen...you might be in need of some wall art showcasing your loved ones. Heck, I'd even be ok if it was a small frame on top of the end table. Anything. Alas, it's very common for folks to be without any photos of their family or children. Unfortunately.

This is where my job comes in. From the very beginning, we've stated how necessary it is that our clients have artwork printed of their portraits. Why? Why dress up, schedule, book, arrange, and go to all the lengths of a photoshoot and then not hang up your pictures? Our goal is to create actual art featuring your loved ones in order for you to have some gorgeous wall art to put in your home. In all of our portrait packages, we include a large piece of wall art. In fact, that's why our packages can sometimes seem pricey. We've accounted for that cost in order for our clients to walk away with a tangible piece of artwork. When we photograph you and/or your family, child, etc., we're creating memories. We're not shooting because the flowers bloomed and the wind felt decent. Nope. We're capturing memories of your life. Fun fact, every moment in your life is special. You don't need an agreed upon date/occasion to celebrate with a photoshoot. Believe it or not, as much as we capture newborns and maternity, we're just as likely to capture a family or child session. No reason other than our clients wanting new portraits for their walls.

Plus, I have to be candid here, when our clients' orders come in, we are just as giddy as they are. It's amazing seeing their memories printed and ready to go to their new home. Knowing that those images we poured all of our energy and time into will be hung up for all to see. Knowing that their family, friends, and guests will walk into their home and see this huge piece of wall art proudly hanging near their staircase, waiting for all to notice.

Along with printing your pictures, I can't encourage clients enough to go big AND go home. Get that photo printed gigantic! Why not?! Be proud of your gorgeous family and your killer photoshoot. Decorate your home with what's truly important. I know, I know, that printed leaf design from Hobby Lobby is "super boho and cute", but maybe put that one in the laundry room and your loved ones in the family room...? I can guarantee you your family portrait is going to get a lot more "oohs" and "ahhs".

Living area in neutral colors with fireplace and portraits on walls.