Our Portrait Packages

When we first started this business, our goal was for our clients to walk away with photos that they would feel proud to hang on their walls and in their homes. Unfortunately, we, mistakenly, believed that clients would be able to take the custom-enhanced digital images from their portrait session and find a print lab to personally print their own products. This was my way of allowing clients to take their photos and make decisions on what they wanted based on their own product desires. Boy, was I wrong. I quickly found out that clients either didn't know where to go OR the places where they ended up ordering their products produced faulty products and images. The pictures were too dark, off-color, of poor quality, etc. This broke my heart. All I wanted was for my clients to have beautiful portraits to adorn their walls. Something they were proud of. Hearing so many people come back to me and say how they've had to order from multiple places and they still felt their images were lacking was defeating.

So, we immediately reconvened and came up with portrait packages that include wall art, gift prints, albums, AND custom-enhanced digital images. This has been such a blessing. Not only for us, but definitely for our clients. We've done all of the legwork and created a seamless process. Including professionally printed wall art in each of our packages has taken the guesswork and bad purchases away from our clients and allowed us to integrate this additional step into our session experience.

We have had multiple people tell us we're too expensive. And, to them, I say, "We are definitely a luxury experience." What that means: Our session isn't a Facebook message with a booking link, agreed-upon meeting spot, snap a few photos, email you everything and we're done-type of session experience. We want our clients to feel important from that very first message. In fact, I almost always immediately respond to any inquiry with a message wanting to set up a brief phone call to discuss what their interests are. Right from the beginning, we want to establish a relationship with our clients. Let them know their session is a top priority for us and that we're going to do everything possible to make this as enjoyable as possible. This is why we're "expensive". From start to finish, we're invested. Our prices include high-quality, professionally printed framed and mounted prints, canvases, collage wall displays, fine art albums, etc. These items are of the highest quality and have been included in our packages to take away the guesswork clients end up going through when you only receive digitals in your session price. Literally, all you have to do is book the session, show up, and look awesome. Then, at your Reveal Appointment, you pick which images you want for your included wall art and products, and you're on your way. You have to do NO additional purchasing. We have made your portrait session process effortless. Your photoshoot should be fun and memorable. Not exhausting. If you're walking away feeling like you didn't really gain anything for the money you've already paid, was the session worth it?

And, that's why we include wall art in all of our packages.

Portrait frame samples, Lexington, SC portrait studio
Family portrait printed on gallery wrap canvas; portrait studio; Lexington, SC photoshoot
Newborn photoshoot; Collage wall display; portrait package; Lexington, SC photography studio
Newborn photos; matted prints displayed on wall in portrait studio; Lexington, SC photography studio