The time has finally arrived. Your new, precious bundle of joy is finally in your arms and you couldn't be happier. All of those feelings and emotions you've been experiencing are bursting within you and you've never been more in love. This tiny little human holds your heart and will do so for the rest of your life. Your life has forever changed.

This moment will forever be encapsulated in your brain. You'll memorize their little nose and teeny, tiny toes. That delicious baby smell that only parents seem to understand will surround your every move. Each day, your baby will grow and change. Everyone tells you this, but now that your baby is here, you're noticing how quickly time is passing. You've heard it a dozen or more times to make sure to cherish this time because it will be gone before you know it. Suddenly, you'll notice your baby is no longer as tiny as they once were. Clothes will quickly become too small and that little body that fit perfectly in your arms no longer sleeps comfortably on your shoulder.

This is why newborn photography sessions are so important. Photos will help you to remember these moments and capture this time for you to cherish for a lifetime. However, not many know what's involved in a newborn photography session. For most people, a newborn session seems like yet another task a new parent must schedule. Or, worse, a task some parents forget until it's too late. Other than that, though, the particulars are a mystery. Most new parents are unaware and unsure of the details. For that reason, we've put together a helpful list of tips and information to, hopefully, create a stress-free and enjoyable newborn shoot.

Schedule your newborn session early!

Pregnant woman holding belly and calendar with due date circled; newborn photo session schedule; Lexington, SC studio

I cannot express how important this is when planning a newborn photoshoot. Most photographers are booked well in advance. A newborn session is usually scheduled between 5 and 14 days after baby arrives. This is why it's critical clients contact their preferred photographer months before their due date to ensure availability on their photographer's calendar. By booking ahead of time, you're guaranteeing a spot on their calendar and affording them the opportunity to prepare for your newborn session in the style and aesthetic you're hoping to achieve. This will also help alleviate any stress you might encounter trying to find a photographer at the last minute. Trying to book a last minute photographer will most likely cause you to choose a photographer based on availability and not personal preference.

Prepare your newborn for the day of their session

Breastfeeding mom with baby; bottles in foreground; preparing for newborn photography session; Lexington, SC studio
Yawning newborn baby swaddled in blue fabric; posed for newborn photography session; Lexington, SC newborn photographer
Close-up photo of newborn baby's feet wrapped in fabric during newborn photography session; Lexington, SC photo studio

You're probably thinking, "What does that even mean?"

The day of your newborn session, your baby probably won't be able to stick with the routine you might have somewhat established since their birth. Making sure your newborn is adequately prepared for their session will vastly improve the quality of shots we're able to capture, the time in which it takes to capture them, and the amount of stress parents feel during their session. I usually advise clients to use these next few tips the day of their session and while it might throw your norm' off a bit, it's only one day; things will go back without any issues.

We usually schedule all of our newborn sessions at 9AM. We've found this to be an ideal time for newborns. They're usually ready for their first nap of the day, plus they haven't been too overstimulated yet. Preparing baby the night before and the morning of are important factors to consider when preparing for your newborn session.

Make sure your baby is awake and alert 1 to 2 hours prior to leaving your home. They should be fed RIGHT before leaving to come to your session. I cannot stress this enough. Feeding baby right before leaving ensures your baby arrives with a full tummy and has been lulled into sleep with a peaceful car ride. Most babies will be well and truly asleep once they arrive at the studio.

It's also important to dress your newborn in clothing that is easy to remove. Preferably something I can take off over their feet. This prevents as much jostling as possible. Your little one will get enough of that once the posing starts. ;)

Parent Poses

New mom smiling, eyes closed, in rust-colored sweater holds sleeping newborn wrapped in similar colored wrap; photograph

While I understand that most new parents aren't feeling their best and most beautiful immediately after having a new baby, I always encourage my clients to plan to be in at least one photo with their newborn baby. This is such a special time to celebrate the arrival of your newborn. Having a photo to forever showcase this moment will be something you'll treasure and look back upon fondly. Parent poses and family poses are an important addition to every newborn photography session. Even if all we capture is your newborn grasping your finger, it will capture how tiny they are at this moment.

Having said that, don't stress about this part of your session. I will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and confident for your parent poses. You make sure to arrive with a smile and I'll make sure to capture it. :)

Be excited!

I know sometimes this can all seem overwhelming. However, my job is to create gorgeous images of your sweet new baby, capture the love of your family, and, more than anything, help you to enjoy a memorable and happy photography experience. I want you to walk away from your session feeling excited and confident about your session. My goal is to make sure you not only love this experience, but that your session is stress-free and fills you with happiness. I can't wait to work together and illustrate memories you'll love for a lifetime.